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The Letter: 10 Songs About Mail, the Written Word and the USPS

Despite the ease of digital mail, it cannot quite match the impact of the arrival of a handwritten letter. While the USPS struggles through some very difficult economic times in the digital age, it has stood tall in our cultural … Continue reading

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Posters: Print as Art, Political Player and Cultural Icon

Posters are a uniquely powerful form of media with a brilliant cultural history. They have weilded political power, changed minds and attitudes, and served as influential icons of art, politics and popular culture. Think of the “Wanted” posters of Depression-era … Continue reading

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Print, Globalization & A Little Green Bug from China

A little green bug from China really got me thinking about small business and the new globalization of marketing. Wide format printing of banners, signs, floor murals, POP displays, outdoor signage, wall decor and other graphic displays keeps our Mutoh … Continue reading

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10 Tips for a Great Multipurpose Newsletter

In a steady, pervasive way, our economy has shifted from one where the greatest value is produced in the manufacture of goods and services to one where the greatest value is mined from data, ideas and knowledge. In such an … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Big Data: Take a Look at Your Mail List

Our privacy is shrinking… or at least our concept of privacy is certainly evolving into something new in a world where just about everything we do, think, read, buy, eat, spend, or consume is digitally tracked. In such a world, … Continue reading

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