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Printing Custom Flyers: 7 Ideas to Get Your Money’s Worth

Custom, full color flyers are a true workhorse of any solid marketing effort. They function as handouts, sales sheets, product cards, event announcements, coupons, direct mail, or invitations. Even with today’s online competitive marketplace, they remain a central, effective tool … Continue reading

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Saving Your Print Project – Seven PrePress Pitfalls, One Simple Fix

THE HAND-OFF:  the moment of truth in a smooth, successful marketing project comes when you transfer your digital files to your print service provider. Below are seven of the most common roadblocks that are sure to frustrate you and defeat … Continue reading

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Writing Brochure Copy? 5 Tips to Ease the Pain.

Often the first and most lasting impression of your business comes from a company brochure. Telling the story of your business in a compelling way, visually as well as literally, the company brochure establishes who you are, how your product … Continue reading

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Pursuit Horizon: Cross country documentary in the making

Ever wanted to shove off and hit the road to see what lies out there for you? That is a popular fantasy for most of us working stiffs – some folks actually make that dream come true. Enter Zach Settewongse … Continue reading

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