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The New Yorker at 90: The Art of Great Cover Art

It’s easy to love The New Yorker. Their editorials, criticism, opinion, reporting, poetry, and celebrated cartoons have consistently set a gold standard of excellence for publishing.  The venerable magazine is celebrating 90 years of groundbreaking, respected coverage of much more … Continue reading

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Creative Backdrops for Your At-Home Photography Studio

Operating an at-home photography business or taking photos to use in your graphic design work can be convenient, efficient and enjoyable. It also can be expensive. If you can be as creative with do-it-yourself projects as you are with your … Continue reading

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PhotoShop Makes it Easy to Quickly Straighten a Scan or Photo

    If you begin work with a raw photograph or scan, chances are the image will be off-kilter – maybe just a little bit crooked, maybe a lot. Here’s an easy fix to straighten your image that does not … Continue reading

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Kuler is now Color! Plus, the New Color Theme Tool in Adobe InDesign CC 2014

  The latest update for Adobe InDesign CC 2014 gives you a great new tool for creating a beautiful matching color palette based on the images and artwork already in your layout. The Color Theme tool will create for you … Continue reading

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Why We Started Double Spacing after Each Sentence, and Why Typography Says “STOP!”

    The first thing I was told years ago on my very first day of work in prepress was to forget the old rule from high school typing class about using two spaces between sentences. When you learned to … Continue reading

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Shandys, Selfies & A Mustache: Traveler Beer Does Integrated Marketing Right!

  What is more fun than a stick-on mustache?! …well, taking a selfie with your mustache to share with the world AND enjoying a new European twist on delicious beer at the same time. That combo has helped prove Traveler Beer … Continue reading

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