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Upgrading to Adobe CC 2014 for Print – The Designer’s Not-Quite-Definitive Guide

  The Adobe suite of Creative Cloud programs continues to expand, encompassing far more than the standard prepress desktop publishing tools to which many graphic designers and printers have become accustomed. In addition to our graphic design/print trifecta of InDesign, … Continue reading

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InDesign Quick Tip: Remove Unwanted or Unused Colors from the Swatches Palette

This is the first in a series of quick, explanatory posts about easy tricks in InDesign that could save time and the expense of prepress charges. First the tip… then some explanation if you want to read further. To check … Continue reading

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Saving Your Print Project – Seven PrePress Pitfalls, One Simple Fix

THE HAND-OFF:  the moment of truth in a smooth, successful marketing project comes when you transfer your digital files to your print service provider. Below are seven of the most common roadblocks that are sure to frustrate you and defeat … Continue reading

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How to Make a Print-Ready PDF/X1a File: Save Time and Money

PDF stands for Portable Document Format… a friend of mine says it really stand for “Pretty Darn Fast.” And they do travel with much lower file size than your root documents and images. However there are many different “flavors” of … Continue reading

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White Lines in Your PDF?Don’t Worry, They Won’t Print.

One of the most common questions we hear in the PrePress Department concerns those pesky “white lines” that are visible on screen in pdf files. The bottom line on the lines is: they are a display-only apparition – called “stitching”, … Continue reading

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