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The Rebirth of Brutalism – Graphic Design’s Edgy Experiment

Playful or angry? Radical or bland reproduction? Utilitarian or chaotic? Brutalism in graphic design thrives on uncertainties. A common goal of design, especially in a print marketing or web commerce environment, is to stand out from the crowd – to … Continue reading

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Career Path Tips for Creative Designers

  As technology continues to advance and people use the internet more and more for everything from shopping and research to staying in touch with friends and family, careers in graphic design – and especially web design – seem certain … Continue reading

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5 Innovative Tech Tools for Small Business Owners

  The advancement in digital communication technology tools has made it easier for companies to reach their target audiences and beyond, with small businesses and startups gaining the ability to impact the public at a minimal cost. While you may … Continue reading

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Design by committee – what do you think?

Old adage: a camel is a horse designed by a committee. And it’s true – good design struggles to survive the committee. In the art world, creativity is generally under the direction of one artist or auteur, occasionally it’s a … Continue reading

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Print, Globalization & A Little Green Bug from China

A little green bug from China really got me thinking about small business and the new globalization of marketing. Wide format printing of banners, signs, floor murals, POP displays, outdoor signage, wall decor and other graphic displays keeps our Mutoh … Continue reading

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White Space – Minimalism in Graphic and Web Design

Why Less Can Be More They say nature abhors a vaccum… apparently so do graphic design clients. For many, the impulse to fill up every available space with type or artwork can clutter or completely derail a project. A staple … Continue reading

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An Easy Buy Now / Donate Button: Securely Accept Credit Card Orders on your Website

Small businesses face so many challenges in moving their sales and marketing efforts into the digital age. Watching the big dogs incorporate the latest techonology and software into their online sites, distribution networks, marketing or production can be as inspiring … Continue reading

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15 Years of Rapid Change for the World of Print

Today ImageSmith surprised me with a little celebration for my 15th anniversary with the company and a very generous gift of a brand new iPad. Our discussion at the gathering centered around the changes in our business over the past … Continue reading

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There’s Something About Paper. Or, about that pdf diploma…

We love technology – the instantaneous flow of information and data, the interconnectedness of people who would never otherwise meet, the crowd-sourcing of digital solutions. In our line of work, we have marveled at the seismic shift in the ease … Continue reading

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If You Have The Right Printer, You Have Your Marketing Consultant

Running a small business demands expertise in many, many divergent fields. You must excel at finance, employee relations, marketing, sales, and of course the specifics of the type of business you went into in the first place. In a large … Continue reading

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